Gear Couplings

CMD Gears has differents gear coupling ranges : Flexident, Spindles and special gear couplings for the steel industry

Flexident Senior

Flexident Senior is a 100% steel flexible coupling with crowned curved teeth, manufactured with accuracy by FCMD. Its components include two internally geared half covers, which are tightened together with a set of treated bolts. The half covers are the assembled onto two geared hubs. The teeth of the hubs and covers receive shape corrections, which are calculated and optimizes by FCMD to obtain maximum contact surface under load, and to allow the highest misalignment capacity.

  • Bore hub capacity from 50 up to 800 mm
  • High misalignment 1°30’ for 50 to 280, 1° for sizes 310 up to 800
  • -20°C to +100°C working temperature
  • 26 sizes of entire steel coupling from 1200 Nm to 7780 kNm
  • Special Flexident Senior according to AGMA standard size 8 to 30 from 190 kNm to 13 MNm.
  • Entire range of couplings for different applications :
    • One hub flexible and other hub rigid
    • Longs hubs on each side or on one side
    • Spacer
    • Brake disc or brake disc elbow
    • Solid cover
    • Limited end float
    • Vertical mounting
    • Clutch system
    • Reinforced couplings
    • Customized couplings

Flexident Junior

Economical range without affecting quality and performance. The grease reserve is through seals placed in housing built into the flanged sleeves. These couplings with metric dimensions and bolts are interchangeable by half couplings with those to AGMA 516-01 standard as applied to couplings with exposed bolts. (Torque from 700 Nm up to 41500 Nm for shaft diameters from 35 up to 180 mm).

Flexident Z 

Couplings in accordance to French Steel Industry Standard with such a wide range of choice for pitch and number of teeth to ensure reliability and strength with large bore capacities. The cover, fitted with seals, provide the lubricant reserve which is contained in the sleeves and is necessary for the good running of the coupling. SID sizes from 30 up to 650, torque from 1860 Nm up to 4630 kNm for shaft diameters from 35 up to 820 mm.

Gear couplings and Spindles for Rolling mills (Steel industry):

FCMD has the experience of design, manufacture and installation of complete steel mill drive chain :

  • Ermaster primary gearbox
  • Flexident primary coupling
  • Special design pinion stand
  • Special design gear spindles

FCMD Flexident primary coupling

Flexident SENIOR or Z Gear coupling type with spacer tube. A complete range for torque up to 8000 kNm and a shaft diameter up to 1500 mm. The misalignment capacity is 0.5° on load and 1.5° without load.

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