Providing solutions including hot strip mill gearbox, pinion stand, spindles, parallel shaft reducer, planetary gearbox and many others in the steel and iron industry.

Ore Recovering 

  • Ermaster single or multi stage parallel-shaft reducers for belt conveyors
  • Ersun planetary gearbox for bucket wheels
  • Bogiflex / Haflex gearboxes, sprocket wheels and pellet cars for sintering/pelletizing plant
  • Girth gears, riding rings, mill heads
  • Ermaster parallel-shaft reducers (single or multi stage), pinions and white metal bearings
Steel - Ore Recovering

Steel Making & Continuous Casting

  • Ladle cranes, Bogiflex, Haflex and Special gearboxes for converter tilting and tapping
  • Roller screw mechanical jacks, worm gear sets, gear couplings and bearings refurbishment for tundish car and mould adjustment

Iron Making

  • Furnace bell hardfacing
  • Liners
  • Bogiflex gearboxes for Torpedo cars
Steel - Iron Making

Hot Rolling

  • Coiler drums for steckel mills
  • Hot strip mill gearbox for roughing or finishing stands
Steel - Hot Rolling

Hot & Cold Processing

  • Gear wheel, pinion stands and pinion stand casings
  • Reducer for tube mills
  • Worm gears and gearboxes for mechanical jacks, screw down and cooling bed
  • Crop shear reducer and coiler drive
  • Refurbishing of roll chocks
  • Spindles and gear couplings
Steel - Hot & Cold Processing


Our qualified engineers and technicians are capable of traveling the world over for operations ranging from installation and commissioning of supplied products, to preventive maintenance and technical assessments.

  • Reverse engineering
  • Supervision – Commissioning
  • Monitoring
  • Assessments / Recommendations
  • Refurbishment of all types/brands of gearboxes