Our Service team is capable of providing lots of different technical support including monitoring, commisssioning, refurbishment, inspection, reverse engineering and many others.

Our Mission

  1. Expertise and Support
  2. On-Site Services
  3. Workshop Refurbishment
  4. Spare Parts

International presence 

Expertise and Support

a) Design & Calculations

  • Upgrading
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Mechanical drive train design (open and enclosed gearing)
  • Development of custom made mechanical couplings
  • Conversion of fabrication to casting (iron or steel)
  • Technical staff of approx. 100 engineers/technicians
  • Multiple patents each year

 b) Material Development

  • Patented material FerryNod dedicated to gears
  • Solidification and Flow Simulation Modeling
  • Full metallurgical test lab

 c) Training

Gear drive training center or on-site training sessions

  • Training for gears installation & alignment (mill ring gear or kiln ring gear)
  • Training for pinion alignment
  • Training for gearbox & motor alignment

 d) Predictive maintenance

  • On-site monitoring
  • On-line follow-up contract
  • Assessments / Recommendations
  • Possibility to organize preventive and predictive maintenance seminars

On-site Services

Our specialists within FCMD will provide you with individual technical support for all questions concerning functionality, handling, application and troubleshooting of Mechanical Drives products.

  • Inspections
  • First level repairs
  • Spare parts storage

a) On-site Inspections / Diagnosis / Replacement

  • US inspection
  • On-site measurement
  • Split joint plan tightening checking
  • Endoscopic inspection
  • Vibrations analysis & operating conditions
  • White metal bearing checking

 b) Erection & commissionning

On-site supervision and turnkey installations :

  • Delegation of field engineers for day and night shifts
  • Preparation of installation schedule
  • Provide list of tools and handling equipment
  • Project monitoring

  c) Periodic maintenance

  • Scheduled inspection services
  • Field service on request at customer job site
  • Different kind of analysis (visual, vibration, temperature, oil…)

  d) On-site repairs

  • Repairs
  • Assistance to install spare parts available on site

Workshop Refurbishment

A team of technicians and engineers dedicated to refurbishment is responsible for repairing and optimizing your gear, gearboxes, couplings or other mechanical parts of transmission of any brand.


  • Refurbishment of all types / brands of gearboxes
  • Housing replacement
  • Reverse engineering

Spare Parts

  • Spare parts packages (maintenance kit proposed to increase product life)
  • Upgrading & Modernization Service (Drop-in solutions to extend the life of products)
  • Advice & Optimization Service (Increase equipment capacity, improve availability of machinery…)