FCMD offers a full range of products in the mining industry including parallel shaft reducer, planetary gearbox, girth gear, pinion, inching drive system, worm gearbox and others.


  • Spyders for gyratory crushers
  • Heads, eccentrics, spiral-bevel gear sets, adjustment rings and cone crusher bodies for cone crushers
Mining - Crusher Spyder

Material Handling

  • Worm gear and and Ermaster parallel-shaft reducers for conveyors
  • Ersun planetary gearbox and Bogiflex gearbox for bucket wheels
Mining - Material Handing

Grinding (Ball & SAG Mills)

  • SAG Mill shells, Ball/Rod for Mill shells, Ball Mill head in halves, SAG Mill heads
  • Girth gears, Pinions, Trunnions, Bearings, Lubrication Units
  • Millrex dual-pinion self-aligning (2,3 & 4 stages) and Ermill single-pinion self-aligning compact lateral drives
  • Ermaster single, multi-stage and inching drive brake system parallel-shaft reducers
  • Gear and grid couplings.
    for gyratory crushers
Cement Industry - Horizontal Mill


  • Shafted support rollers and shells for kilns and dryers
  • Bogiflex KGD self-aligning kiln gear drive and Ermaster parallel-shaft reducers
  • Gear and grid couplings
  • Support rings and Bogiflex central drive for converters and furnaces
Mining - Pyro Smelting

Thickening and clarification

Worm gear drives for rotation and lift functions

Mining - Thickening Clarification

Flotation and agitation

Ermaster reducer units for high capacity cells


Our qualified engineers and technicians are capable of traveling the world over for operations ranging from installation and commissioning of supplied products, to preventive maintenance and technical assessments.

  • Reverse engineering
  • Supervision – Commissioning
  • Monitoring
  • Assessments / Recommendations
  • Refurbishment of all types/brands of gearboxes
  • Mining - Service