Infrastructure & Energy

FCMD supplies numerous parts for power generation equipment, infrastructures and systems used in the safe and reliable distribution of energy

Ports & Maritime infrastructures 

Maritime lock doors : Lifting or rolling

  • Sheaves
  • Wheels
  • Drum end covers
  • Helical and standard gearboxes, couplings, pinions for rolling gate locks
Infrastructure - Illustration 01

Moving & Suspension Bridges

Moving bridges

  • Wheels
  • Bevel and helical gearboxes
  • Bogiflex gearbox
  • Couplings

Suspension bridges

  • Turntables
Infrastructure - Illustration 02

Inland Waterways


  • Worm drive and helical units
  • Pinions
  • Chain
  • Monitoring
  • Mechanical jack on weir gate
  • Barrel drum and standard couplings
  • Complete drive units for lifting gates
Infrastructure - Illustration 03

Outstanding Structures

  • Gearbox and sheaves for the Eiffel Tower
  • Beams and noddles
  • Wind protections for bridges
  • Main gearboxes, open gears and couplings for boat lifts
Infrastructure - Illustration 04


  • Hollow shafts
  • Blade adaptor
  • Bearing cover plate
  • Discharge bodies
  • Monobloc Francis wheel, crown and band
  • Injection nozzle
  • Kaplan turbine body, blade and hub


Ball and butterfly valve


Our qualified engineers and technicians are capable of traveling the world over for operations ranging from installation and commissioning of supplied products, to preventive maintenance and technical assessments.

  • Reverse engineering
  • Supervision – Commissioning
  • Monitoring
  • Assessments / Recommendations
  • Refurbishment of all types/brands of gearboxes